Ways To Improve Your Wine IQ In San Francisco

Out on a date or taking a client out in San Francisco? If you want to impress your acquaintance with exceptional wine knowledge, you need to make sure your wine IQ is up to par. Wine classes in San Francisco that are taught by a professional sommelier give you just that. Heighten your senses and impress your guest by learning how to properly taste and appreciate wine through our sommelier wine classes. We can teach you about tasting events, take you on a tour through wine cellars in San Francisco, and learn in-depth knowledge from some of the best sommeliers in San Francisco. Here are the three things to keep in mind while trying to improve your wine IQ in San Francisco:

Improve Your Wine IQ

Explore. Be open to different experiences and travel as much as you can. Discover the best sommelier wine classes in San Francisco, make friends, meet up with other wineos, and never settle until you’ve quenched your thirst for wine knowledge. Exploring is also a great way to see some of the most magnificent vineyards and wine cellars in San Francisco as well as Wine Country.

Start a Group. One of the fastest ways to improve your wine knowledge is by learning from other wine experts and enthusiasts. After attending a sommelier wine class in San Francisco, you can apply your knowledge by starting your own wine enthusiast group of people who share the same passion as you. Sommeliers in San Francisco can give you a formal environment for your education, but it is entirely up to you to apply it. Even better, invite a few of our sommeliers in San Francisco to the group and see the entire group's knowledge improve dramatically!

Never Stop Learning. You can do this by enrolling in various sommelier wine classes in San Francisco, or simply by asking professional sommeliers themselves. Regularly visiting the best wine cellars in San Francisco will also help broaden your perspective.

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