Experience Wine with a Sommelier

An intimate wine cellar filled with history, lingering conversation and a selection of the best wines from around the world welcomes its guests with the excitement of sharing knowledge, passion, and a memorable experience. Set the scene in a San Francisco wine tasting event with sommeliers from.

Sommvinum’s founder, Cosmin Marinescu, is a step away from becoming a Master Sommelier, the highest achievement in the wine and beverage industry, with only about 200 Masters in the world. Cosmin and his staff are all Advanced Sommeliers with numerous certifications and decades of experience. This level of mastership creates an experience only few can provide — excellent service by true experts.

Sommvinum offers wine tasting events, dinner events, restaurant and bar consulting and training, wine cellar selecting, wine sommelier classes, and wine tours in Napa Valley and Sonoma. For private clients, they curate unique wine cellars. Within the industry, they train staff to increase sales by revising menus and showing how to make proper recommendations to customers. And for the individuals, couples, and groups of friends, they embark on a 2-hour wine journey where they gain confidence in wine tasting, selecting, drinking, and conversing about the glory of the fragrant beverage.

The world of wine is timeless. While the countries who began this fruitful revolution have wine laced into every meal, in the U.S. it is still an intimidating subject. Cosmin and his team have spent their lives studying wines and are passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. This knowledge increases confidence and opens unlimited conversations. Drinking wine is the easy part. But, at Sommvinum they encourage their guests to be adventurous. They love seeing their guests excited to learn and leave being able to impress their friends with their newfound knowledge.

Learn the steps in wine tasting, expand your wine vocabulary, explore various wine profiles, and taste the differences in wines from various regions in custom sessions led by some of the best in the market. You’ll be able to see, smell, and taste the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc from France versus a Chardonnay from Napa Valley and more. Through a wine tasting or training with Sommvinum, you can develop or enhance your passion for wine and culture.